Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

To support sustainable commuting, NREL offers electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for staff and visitor use.

Anonymized data from charging station use may be used in research analysis.

Station Types and Locations

NREL staff and visitors may charge their personal vehicles at charging stations in the laboratory's South Table Mountain parking garage in Golden, Colorado, and within the Building 251 parking lot on the Flatirons Campus in Arvada, Colorado. NREL's EV charging stations are Level 2 (240-V) and "smart." They enable NREL to control access, collect payment, and manage electrical load.

EV charging stations in the South Table Mountain campus parking garage are located on:

  • Level 1 east side central atrium
  • Level 2 west side along north wall
  • Level 2 east side and west side central atrium
  • Level 3 east side and west side central atrium (two accessible spaces only)
  • Level 4 east side and west side central atrium.

Refer to the parking garage diagrams for specific locations:

Level 1 Garage Parking Diagram

Level 2 Garage Parking Diagram

Level 3 Garage Parking Diagram

Level 4 Garage Parking Diagram.

Cost and Payment

Why NREL Collects Electric Vehicle Charging Payments

The pricing structure strikes a balance between regulatorily driven cost recovery requirements from the federal Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act and a price point similar to the cost of charging an EV at your home. Pricing includes electricity costs, vendor fees, and a portion of fixed costs for operations and maintenance of the stations.

NREL charges a flat fee of $0.17 per kilowatt-hour for EV charging.

PowerFlex—developer of and payment processor for NREL's EV system—will estimate and display the total session fees you'll pay when you enter the requested information through the app each time you plug in. The exact cost per charge session is based on the actual amount of energy received.

The PowerFlex system is a fully automated, self-service system. Download the PowerFlex app on your mobile device, and set up an account to pay for use of the stations. View the PowerFlex charging station instructions for downloading the app, setting up your account, and using the system.

User Guidelines

All Charging Spots Taken?

Get waitlist notifications about station availability through the PowerFlex app. Do not plug your vehicle into a standard wall outlet. Plugging into wall outlets in the parking garage or anywhere on NREL's campuses is prohibited.

Short Charge Cables

The charging cord system is designed to minimize the length of cable that lays on the ground. Charging cords left on the ground are safety hazards and parking or driving over a cord voids the warranty. For vehicles with charge ports on the rear, reversing into the sparking space is advised. Make sure charging cords do not block walkways, and neatly replace them when finished.

Need Help?

To use NREL's electric vehicle charging stations, download and install the PowerFlex app on your smartphone. Contact PowerFlex Support with station issues.