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Adam Bratis — Associate Laboratory Director, Bioenergy Science and Technology


A photo of Adam Bratis.

Adam Bratis manages NREL's research and development efforts in support of the U.S. Department of Energy's mission in the biomass arena.

This includes technical and managerial oversight in the areas of biochemical conversion, thermochemical conversion, algal biofuels, techno-economic and life-cycle analyses, and fuels testing. He also serves as a spokesperson for the biofuels research program at NREL, both internally and externally.

Bratis also leads the Renewable Carbon Fiber Consortium (RCFC), which is a multi-year, multi-institution research consortium made up of national lab, academic, and industrial partners. The objective of the RCFC is to demonstrate cost-effective production of renewable carbon fibers from lignocellulosic biomass-derived acrylonitrile.

Bratis came to NREL in 2008 with 11 years of experience with ExxonMobil in the areas of research and development, corporate planning, and refining and supply, and has extensive knowledge with respect to both alternative and conventional fuels.