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NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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The NREL wind research program develops publications about its R&D activities in wind energy technologies. Below you'll find links to recently published publications, links to the NREL Avian Literature and Publications Databases, and information about the Technical Library at the National Wind Technology Center (NWTC).

The NWTC's quarterly newsletter, @NWTC, contains articles on current wind energy research projects and highlights the latest reports, papers, articles, and events published or sponsored by NREL.

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Selected Publications

Here are some selected NWTC publications:

Wind-Wildlife Impacts Literature Database (WILD)

WILD is a searchable bibliographic database of documents that focuses on the effects of wind energy development on wildlife.

NREL Publications Database

For a comprehensive list of other NREL wind publications, explore NREL's Publication Database. When searching the database, search on the following key words: wind, wind energy, wind turbines, or on a specific area or component name, i.e. offshore, gearbox, dynamometer, blade testing.

Wind Technical Library

The National Wind Technology Center's library provides library services and information resources.