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Research Staff

Learn more about the expertise and technical skills of the water power research team and staff at NREL.

Photo of Daniel Laird

Daniel Laird

Center Director

Daniel Laird is director of the National Wind Technology Center (NWTC). Prior to joining NREL in 2015, he spent 19 years at Sandia National Laboratories leading wind energy and water power research efforts in structural analysis and simulation, computational design tools, advanced manufacturing, composite materials, and blade reliability. | 303-384-7100

Photo of Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Partnerships Manager

Brian Smith is the partnerships manager for the NWTC and focuses on portfolio diversification, capability enhancement, and strategy. He served as the manager of NREL's Laboratory Wind and Water Power Program from 2002 to 2014 and acting NWTC director from 2014 to 2015. | 303-384-6911

Jochem Weber

Chief Engineer - Water

Jochem Weber pursues a holistic deductive system approach to problem-solving in research, science, engineering, technology, innovation, and management. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering (design) and physical engineering (fluid and system dynamics) and a Ph.D. in modeling and the optimization of wave energy converters. | 303-384-7095

Photo of Al LiVecchi

Al LiVecchi

Water Power Laboratory Program Manager

Al LiVecchi is responsible for planning and executing NREL's portfolio of marine and hydrokinetic and hydropower projects along with having primary responsibility for establishing productive partnerships with external organizations. | 303-384-7138