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Research Staff

Research staff members in NREL's Materials Science Center are aligned within four groups: Materials Physics, Analytical Microscopy and Imaging Science, Interfacial and Surface Science, and Thin-Film Materials Science and Processing.

For lead researcher contacts, see our research areas. For our business contact, see Work with Us.

Photo of Nancy Haegel

Nancy Haegel

Center Director, Materials Science Center

Email | 303-384-6548

Materials Physics

Research Team

Yuanyue Liu | Email

Kwangwook Park | Email

Lin Simpson | Email

Rob Tenent | Email

Derek Vigil-Fowler | Email

Ji-Hui Yang | Email

Analytical Microscopy and Imaging Science

Photo of Mowafak Al-Jassim

Mowafak Al-Jassim

Group Manager

Email | 303-384-6602

Research Team

Jeffery Aguiar | Email

Harvey Guthrey | Email

Chun-Sheng Jiang | Email

Helio Moutinho | Email

Sanjini Nanayakkara | Email

Andrew Norman | Email

Bobby To | Email

Interfacial and Surface Science

Photo of Glenn Teeter

Glenn Teeter

Group Manager

Email | 303-384-6664

Research Team

Lauryn Baranowski | Email

Joe Berry | Email

Andre Bikawski | Email

Steve Harvey | Email

Paul Ndione | Email

Michele Olsen | Email

Craig Perkins | Email

John Perkins | Email

Philip Schulz | Email

Sebastian Siol | Email

Kenneth Xerxes Steirer | Email

Matt Young | Email

Andriy Zakutayev | Email

Thin-Film Materials Science and Processing

Photo of Phil Parilla

Phil Parilla

Group Manager

Email | 303-384-6506

Research Team

David Albin | Email

Teresa Barnes | Email

Carolyn Beall | Email

Karen Bowers | Email

James Burst | Email

Jeff Carapella | Email

Steve Christensen | Email

Eric Colegrove | Email

Miguel Contreras |

Arrelaine Dameron | Email

Rebekah Garris | Email

Stephen Glynn | Email

Hasitha Padmika Mahabaduge | Email

Lorelle Mansfield | Email

Wyatt Metzger | Email

Matthew Reese | Email

Ingrid Repins | Email

Maikel van Hest | Email

Katherine Zaunbrecher | Email