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GIS Staff

The following includes summary bios of Geographic Information System (GIS) staff expertise and interests in analysis relating to geospatial analytics and integrated resource assessment; our energy efficiency and renewable energy data warehouse; and advanced visualization.

Photo of Daniel Getman

Daniel Getman

GIS Scientist IV - Geospatial Section Supervisor

Areas of expertise

  • Project management, client management, and team leadership
  • Development of geospatial data management, analysis and visualization systems
  • Spatial statistical analysis methods
  • Enhancement and analysis of remotely sensed data

Primary research interests

  • Scientific programming
  • Spatial data analysis methods
  • Visualization of large datasets

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Pamela Gray-Hann

Project Support Specialist

Areas of expertise

  • Internet map server applications
  • GIS web page
  • Outreach

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Photo of Donna Heimiller.

Donna Heimiller

Sr. GIS Analyst

Areas of expertise

  • Geospatial analysis and modeling supporting multiple resource assessment technologies, regional-scale site evaluation, and energy system modeling
  • Electricity infrastructure analysis
  • Data visualization

Primary research interests

  • Renewable resource development opportunities and issues, within a spatial context (multiple technologies)
  • Renewable resource characterization (multiple technologies)

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Photo of Dylan Hettinger.

Dylan Hettinger

GIS Programmer Analyst

Analysis expertise

  • Information design
  • Spatial analysis and cartography

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Photo of Anthony Lopez.

Anthony Lopez

Scientist III - GIS

Areas of expertise

  • Parallel processing and analysis of large geospatial datasets
  • Visualization of complex spatial temporal datasets

Primary research interests

  • Conversion of raw geographic renewable resource datasets to technical potential estimations
  • Global renewable resource datasets and analysis
  • Renewable resource characterization

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Jenny Melius

GIS Scientist II

Areas of expertise

  • Spatial analysis
  • Cartography

Primary research interests

  • Global renewable resource datasets and analysis
  • Renewable resource characterization

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Photo of Billy Roberts.

Billy J. Roberts

Scientist III - GIS

Areas of expertise

  • Spatial analysis and cartography

Primary research interests

  • Renewable energy and cartographic technique
  • Wildlife and energy technology interactions
  • Geothermal technology

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