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NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Realizing a Clean Energy Future: Highlights of NREL Analysis

The front cover of the Realizing a Clean Energy Future: Highlights of NREL Analysis brochure.
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National Renewable Energy Laboratory analysis publications, including technical papers, journal articles, and conference presentations, integrate and analyze technical, economic, and policy information to inform and shape the energy dialogue.

Publications that Illuminate System Operation with High-Penetration Renewables

Publications that Estimate EE/RE Technology Impacts, Including Costs, Co-benefits, Value

Analysis Newsletter

The Energy Analysis at NREL newsletter highlights all the analysis activities in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies going on at the Laboratory. Subscribe to Newsletter.

Publications that Inform Federal, State, and Regional Policy Making and Planning

NREL Publications Database

Access all of NREL's analysis publications in NREL's Publication Database.