I-JEDI Model

The International Jobs and Economic Development Impacts (I-JEDI) model is a free tool for analyzing the economic impacts of renewable energy development around the world.

I-JEDI estimates the employment, earnings, gross domestic product, and output from the construction and operation of renewable energy projects across the domestic supply chain. The model results include total economic impacts, as well as impacts by industry (e.g., construction, manufacturing, and banking services). This information helps align renewable energy actions with key economic development goals.

The I-JEDI model was developed by NREL with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Spreadsheet Tool

Users can access the I-JEDI model by downloading the spreadsheet model provided below. Model users are encouraged to enter as much project-specific data as possible.

Please note that updates to the spreadsheet tool will be coming in May 2024. Specifically, these updates will include refreshed data for the Philippines, South Africa, Colombia, Zambia, and Mexico.

JEDI International 092716


Using MS Excel 2007

  • When opening the spreadsheet, you may be prompted with a security warning asking if you would like to "Enable Macros." Please select "Enable Macros" or "Enable Content" for the spreadsheet to run properly.

  • Please make sure that the security setting on your computer is not set to "High." Set the level to "Medium" or "Low" and then re-open the JEDI worksheet. You can reset to a higher level when you have finished using the JEDI model.

  • The content of this site changes frequently. If you are having trouble with a download, empty your browser cache and try again.

If you have questions, please contact us.

User Agreement

Your User Agreement can be found in the Excel spreadsheet in a separate tab. We do not share or make available any user information.


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