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USAID-NREL Partnership

NREL partners with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to deliver clean, reliable, and affordable power in the developing world. Together, we help countries with policy, planning, and deployment support for advanced energy technologies.


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The USAID-NREL Partnership addresses critical aspects of advanced energy systems including grid modernization, distributed energy resources and storage, power sector resilience, and the data and analytical tools needed to support them.

Global Technical Platforms

Global technical platforms provide free, state-of-the-art support on common and critical challenges to scaling up advanced energy systems. These platforms, informed by country demand and NREL's domestic and international experience, are universally relevant to developing nations and provide a combination of analytical tools, training, and knowledge products. Under the partnership, NREL directly supports several in-country USAID missions.

Renewable Energy (RE) Explorer

The RE Explorer web platform provides free renewable energy data, analytical tools, and technical assistance to developers, policymakers, and decisionmakers in developing countries. Users can access renewable energy data and related geospatial data sets to guide development of domestic energy resources.

To learn more, please visit the RE Explorer website.

Greening the Grid

Greening the Grid addresses the technical challenges around grid modernization and advanced energy integration through three approaches:

  • Grid Integration: Greening the Grid provides technical assistance, resources, and tools to energy system planners, regulators, and grid operators in overcoming challenges associated with integrating variable renewable energy into the grid.
  • Renewable Energy Zones: The Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) Transmission Planning Process is a proactive approach to planning, approving, and building transmission infrastructure that connects areas of cost effective renewable energy to load centers.
  • Distributed Photovoltaics (PV): Growth in distributed PV is expected to accelerate globally through 2040[1]. Greening the Grid provides a robust set of resources, tools, and trainings on overcoming technical, regulatory, and market barriers to distributed PV growth.

To learn more, please visit the Greening the Grid website.

Power Africa

Power Africa is a USAID-led partnership that brings together technical experts, the private sector, and governments from around the world to access to power in Africa. NREL supports Power Africa by focusing on implementing a mini and microgrid quality assurance framework, and providing technical assistance that supports developing 8-10 million new electrical connections from mini and microgrids.

International Jobs and Economic Development Impacts (I-JEDI)

Developing a transparent, market-based energy sector improves competitiveness, drives down prices, and allows private investment to thrive while at the same time enabling local development objectives. The International Jobs and Economic Development Impacts (I-JEDI) tool is an economic model that helps users analyze gross economic impacts of renewable energy projects (such as wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal).

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For more information about the USAID-NREL Partnership, contact us:

Andrea Watson
NREL's USAID Portfolio Manager | +1-303-275-4234

Jennifer E. Leisch
USAID-NREL Partnership Manager | +1-303-913-0103

Katrina Pielli
USAID | Power Africa Senior Energy Advisor and Lead, Beyond the Grid | +27-12-452-2086

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