Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer Office actively pursues opportunities to patent and license NREL inventions, software, and technologies, and establishes partnership agreements to move cutting-edge innovations to market.

Perovskite ink painted solar cells
NREL's licensing opportunities are available to both small and large businesses.
Two researchers working on wind turbine blades at NREL.
There are many ways to partner with NREL through various agreement types.

Technology Partnership Program Stats

NREL works with hundreds of partners within industry, government, academia, small business, international organizations, and nonprofits to advance the use of clean energy technologies in the marketplace.

See below for a summary of our fiscal year (FY) 2021 technology partnership program performance. For more details, read the Technology Partnerships: FY 2021 fact sheet

Partnership Stats

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New Partnership Agreements

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$91 Million
Value of New Partnership Agreements

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Active Partnership Agreements

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Unique New Partners

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Unique Active Partners: 714

Agreements by Business Type

Large Business: 34%
Small Business: 25%
Federal Government: 15%
Nonprofit: 11%
Educational Institutions: 6%
State or Local Government: 7%

chart showing 336 New Agreements: 34% large businesses; 25% small businesses; 15% federal government; 11% non-profit; and 6% educational institutions;