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Success Stories

We'd like to share our stories about innovation, industry partnerships, and the path towards commercializing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies developed at NREL.

What Our Partners Say

"The capabilities and credibility of NREL are unmatched in the technical work they provided. I have recommended them many times, and will continue to do so."
Lotus Applied Technology
"Grateful for the excellent support, collaborative problem solving, customer-focus, and overall commitment. NREL makes us all look good."
Federal Emergency Management Agency
"NREL has provided guidance to us under the Building America program and has been a partner with us on funded projects in California. Both of these relationships have helped us advance technically and build our credibility in the industry."
Davis Energy Group
"NREL provides a great deal of guidance and assistance to us. We use their suggestions to inform our decisions on a national level regarding energy-reduction projects, renewable energy projects, etc."
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service