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Research and Nonprofit Partners

NREL collaborates with foundations to invest in sustainable, resilient cities and transportation; with academia to share research facilities and resources; and with countries around the world to address growing global energy demands and bolster the United States as a leader in energy innovation. Contact us to discuss investment opportunities that advance global energy research and deployment.

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Investing in energy technologies research is a key focus for NREL. Whether we are partnering with a foundation to provide technical assistance in developing nations or providing analysis for a national power sector transformation, NREL seeks partners who are able to invest now for long-term financial gain.

"The power of Innovation Incubator (IN2) is that it's built on collaboration with leaders at Wells Fargo, universities, regional accelerators, and the experts, researchers, and scientists at NREL. We're all rolling up our sleeves and working together to offer support to these entrepreneurs so that they will have the best chance for success in getting their technology to the marketplace and in addressing the increasing constraints on natural resources."
M. Wenzel
Head of Environmental Affairs, Wells Fargo


NREL provides technical and donor assistance around the world to advance U.S. diplomatic objectives. Our expertise in technology deployment is in demand in developing countries. NREL helps decision makers understand the market impact and cost of different advanced energy technology options.

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NREL has partnered with USAID and the Children's Investment Fund Foundation to build a strong, complementary program in Mexico. Through these programs, NREL assists the Government of Mexico in reaching energy development goals through analysis, decision support, deployment, and capacity building activities.


We partner with research funding entities, universities, and foreign research organizations to advance energy technology research. Sharing NREL facilities with our partners in the scientific community results in efficient R&D processes and accelerated technology to market outcomes.

"Working together with NREL helps us to deliver world-class products and have an objective view where we stand in this world technology-wise."
O. Bernsen
Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2)

IN2 supports early-stage commercial building technology companies through technology development, validation, and pilot opportunities. Learn more

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