NREL, LiquidCool Solutions Partner on Energy-Efficient Cooling for Computing

NREL is working with LiquidCool Solutions to demonstrate and characterize the performance of a liquid-submerged technology for cooling computers and servers.

Photo of researchers working with liquid cooling hardware in a laboratory

Although air cooling currently dominates the computing industry, the approach is reaching its limits as new compute racks become denser and generate more heat. Liquid cooling, including the LiquidCool Solutions technology, offers a more energy-efficient solution that also allows for effective reuse of the heat rejected by the computer.

Lab results thus far show a minimum outlet water temperature of 120°F, with potential for 140°F water, depending on the coolant temperature and heat exchanger specifications. These water temperatures are suitable for building applications such as forced-air heating, radiant heating, and domestic water heating.

The partnership is part of the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2) program.