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NREL, EPRI Validate Advanced Microgrid Controller with ESIF’s Virtual Microgrid Model

NREL is working with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to validate the performance of a Spirae-developed microgrid controller that can manage 1-10 megawatts of aggregated generation capacity. NREL is validating and testing the controller, installed in the Energy Systems Integration Facility, by connecting it to a virtual model of a microgrid.

NREL researchers work to validate performance of Spirae-developed microgrid controller in partnership with EPRI in the ESIF.

Photo by Dennis Schroeder

The EPRI-led project team aims to develop a commercially viable and flexible microgrid controller that can easily adapt to different end-user applications. Microgrids can create a more resilient electric grid by disconnecting from the main grid during disturbances, such as outages, and operate independently. They may also need to operate with high penetrations of renewable generation in addition to traditional distributed energy resources. NREL’s work can confirm the performance of microgrids and microgrid controllers before they are actually deployed.