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NREL, San Diego Gas & Electric Are Advancing Utility Microgrid Performance in Borrego Springs, California

San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) is collaborating with NREL to model its utility microgrid expanding in Borrego Springs, California. By partnering with NREL at the Energy Systems Integration Facility, researchers are evaluating how a microgrid controller with advanced functionality would perform for the utility microgrid.

NREL engineers Kumar Prabhakar and Annabelle Pratt, run a grid simulation, using industrial scale inverters for a Borrego Springs Project.

Photo by Dennis Schroeder

Microgrids can create a more resilient power grid by disconnecting from the main power grid during grid disturbances, such as outages, and continuing to operate independently. They may also need to operate with high penetrations of renewable energy in addition to traditional distributed energy resources. NREL’s work can confirm the performance of a microgrid before it is actually deployed.

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