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Commercialization Assistance Program

The NREL Commercialization Assistance Program (NCAP) helps emerging companies overcome technical barriers to commercializing clean energy technology. The program specifically helps renewable energy and energy efficiency companies by providing free assistance or information to help small businesses with specific technology questions or needs.

Examples of assistance include short term access to technical expertise and facilities such as:

  • Test and measurement of systems or components
  • Analytical testing of materials
  • Insights on existing or emerging technologies
  • Assistance in addressing technological performance and market analysis
  • Addressing general technology problems.

NREL is prohibited from providing assistance that is readily available in the private sector.

"Pooling" of technology assistance by more than one firm to develop a single product is prohibited.

Eligibility Requirements

Renewable energy and energy efficiency businesses in the United States that have fewer than 500 employees are eligible for this program. The requested technology assistance must fit the scope of the program and NREL's competencies such as talent, facilities, expertise, and availability.

If your request for assistance is accepted, a technical specialist will be assigned to work on your project for up to one staff-week, but not to exceed 40 hours. Firms are eligible once per fiscal year, Oct. 1 Sept. 30.

Application Process

We are not currently accepting applications for NCAP. Please check back in early 2017.


For more information contact, Jennifer Ramsey, 303-275-4435.