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NREL has the expertise and infrastructure necessary to ensure your advanced energy innovations are market-ready. Contact us to find out more about how NREL can help your organization gain a competitive edge in the global energy race, link research and development with real-world applications, and bridge the gap from concept to market.

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Our chemical research group for hydrocarbon biofuels and bio-based chemicals technology advancement can help you solve your challenges. NREL partners can use our distinctive research facilities for gas speciation, emissions sensors, fuel injectors, and ignition testing and development.

"The work conducted with NREL has provided foundational science and, today, DuPont offers an integrated and demonstrated field-to-fuel cellulosic ethanol solution that meets the demands of renewable fuel and chemical producers for a cost-effective, sustainable, scalable technology."
J. Koninckx
Director, DuPont Biofuels


Partners can leverage NREL's expertise in manufacturing processes and products that span the transportation, electrical equipment, renewable energy, and bioenergy technology industries. We can help you develop innovations that improve fuel economy, wind turbine performance, battery storage, and more.

"NREL provided valuable service on our development program and brought a deep level of technical expertise. They delivered on all aspects of the contract."
Ford Motor Company


We can help your organization develop impactful power generation and integrated energy systems that work to modernize the grid. Our researchers work with utilities and industry to validate advanced technologies for integrating and balancing variable power sources connected to America's power grid.

"NREL provided the skills and expertise that allowed us to properly evaluate levelized cost of electricity for ORPC projects, better enabling us to market these projects to investors and stakeholders."
Ocean Renewable Power Company, LLC

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