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Government Partners

The research conducted at NREL improves U.S. homes, businesses, and infrastructure—and preserves energy reliability and affordability. Contact us to learn how NREL partners with the U.S. military, government agencies, and state and local entities to focus on grid modernization and investments in infrastructure technologies dedicated to overall energy security.

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NREL provides data, tools, and analysis to address energy systems integration challenges at various defense locations. Our expert staff and facilities are available to ensure defense and space program energy installations are resilient and using comprehensive energy solutions.

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"The results of the work being accomplished in the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) laboratory are truly amazing, and representing MCAS Miramar, I can honestly say that it has accomplished a huge amount of risk mitigation for when [the microgrid] gets installed on base … seeing a completely renewable energy system, at that scale and complexity, island and perform as envisioned, was the most fun I've ever had at work."
M. Wasco, PE, CEM
Installation Energy Manager, MCAS Miramar


Federal agencies and tribal communities partner with NREL for support with coal modeling, wind analysis, energy and water infrastructure modernization planning, sustainability master planning, and more. NREL provides operational insights on what is practical for federal entities to implement toward transformation of energy systems.

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"We leveraged NREL's technical expertise to achieve federal environmental sustainability goals."
J. Hetal
U.S. Department of Transportation

State and Local

With tools such as the Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) model, NREL helps utilities, public utility commissions, and state and local regulators visualize the build-out of electricity generation and transmission systems. A combination of NREL's experience, tools, and analysis can be used to develop energy system recovery and resiliency plans that will improve existing installations and infrastructure for state and local organizations.

“NREL has made our lives easier and better. Our experience will benefit many other communities that NREL will be working with.”

S. Hewitt, Greensburg, Kansas

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