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Dr. Dan Arvizu Keynote Presentation Text Version

This page contains the text version of the NREL Industry Growth Forum video.

Clean energy is indeed ready for launch.

[clapping and music]

We are here at the NREL Industry Growth Forum.

It brings together stakeholders, investors, cleantech start-ups, all looking to network, get to know one another, find avenues for generating revenue, find avenues for generating new investments.

A lot of deals get made, a lot of new networks, new partnerships get established.

But it's also creating mechanical energy.

If you're in this space, this is the place to be.

It started small and it was a catalyst to start a conversation. Now and you can probably hear in the background that there is no end to the conversation that take place at this forum.

The growth forum is primarily a business plan competition, and though it is a two-day event, there is about six months of lead time that goes into this.

You all are astounding me with your entrepreneurship and your innovation.

In the summertime, we have a call for applications where clean energy start-ups from around the world apply. Followed by a robust review and selection process, made up of about 100 investors that are reviewing and scoring these applications, and they ultimately select the 30 companies to present.

A lot of the companies that we have championed and worked with have either applied for or have been a part of the competition here at NREL. We do look forward to putting forth a lot of these technologies that NREL has in their portfolio into our projects in the future.

We have a long history of supporting the NREL Industry Growth Forum. We really began our relationship with NREL back in 2010, attending the forum and really getting more acquainted with this ecosystem.

The one-on-one networking session kicks off the event and it's primarily three hours of one-on-one meetings between start-ups and investors, about 800 meetings take place over these three hours.

What industries do we need to promote?

What we get out of the event is first-hand early looks at these ground-breaking innovative technologies, and it's so important as a fund to have these technologies, and to be able to improve our returns, so that is what we get here at NREL.

I've been coming to the Industry Growth Forum for almost a decade now. I think what's great about the growth forum is that it attracts the kinds of entrepreneurs and investors who are still willing to tackle a lot more of the difficult challenges in the energy space, and that's different than most of the events that you are going to go to anywhere else in the country.

Since 2003, the companies that have presented at the Industry Growth Forum have raised more than $5 billion dollars, so we know that we are having an impact, and that impact is driven by having the right active investors at the Forum together with the entrepreneurs looking for money.

I think it has the opportunity to really make a difference.

The Forum then condenses those experts and condenses the choir into you know this group of people for a few days that you can really interact with, both you can hear presentations but also of course what goes on in the halls is so incredibly important, especially to young companies like ours.

It brings together the facilities, the capabilities, and the smarts of the laboratory systems, in particular NREL. With the energy, enthusiasm, and innovation that comes out of the start-up community, the small entrepreneurs, anybody with a great idea. You take those two and marry them together and who knows what you are going to get. And that's what kind of makes it exciting.

We've always asked the question, "What's coming next? What does the future look like, what does the future we want to help create and be a part of."

Come here, network, obviously. Make connections and listen to the feedback. If you have an opportunity to work with the lab, do so because the scientists here are absolutely outstanding.

We have somewhat of a pulse in what is going on in the marketplace in terms of both the development of the technology, as well as what is happening with investments.

In the next 20 years, there will be more innovation that needs to happen in clean energy, and we are not done yet.

You're going to meet the right people that will help propel your company forward.

And thanks to all of you as well.

[clapping and music]