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Market Acceleration

NREL's market acceleration and deployment team provides accurate information that articulates the potential impacts and benefits of wind and water power technologies to state and local communities. In addition, NREL's WINDExchange team focuses its outreach efforts on education, rural economic development, public power partnerships, and small wind systems.

An aerial photo of the National Wind Technology Center with the Flatiron Mountains in the background.


Market acceleration involves much more than simply deployment. NREL's team also offers energy and economic analysis, maps, forecasting, workforce development, and education.

An aerial photo of three wind turbines at the National Wind Technology Center with mountains in the background and blue sky above with white clouds.

Energy and Economic Analysis

NREL policy, market, and impacts analysis is a core capability that informs opportunities for market acceleration and educates stakeholders of the potential value market acceleration activities may stimulate.

An illustration of the United States colored in shades of blue to represent the potential wind capacity at 110-meters hub height.

Resource Characterization, Forecasting, and Maps

To identify the best location for wind energy development, NREL works with various wind consultancies to create high-resolution maps at heights of 30 to 100 meters above ground.

A photo of five deer walking past five wind turbines through a brown field.

Siting Considerations and Environmental Impacts

NREL works with state and regional partners as well as others such as the American Wind Wildlife Institute and Bat Conservation International to understand and resolve environmental issues that may hinder the acceptance of wind energy technologies. These include sound and visual impacts as well as impacts on wildlife and wildlife habitats.

A photo of two men watching a third person adjust their model of a shrouded wind turbine at the 2016 Collegiate Wind Competition.

Workforce Development and Education

NREL runs the U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition with the goal of inspiring the next generation of the wind energy workforce. NREL also tracks the location of wind energy education and training programs.

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Market Acceleration Lead

The market acceleration lead at NREL plays a role in ensuring that wind energy research and development makes the jump to deployment within the wind industry at large.

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Ian Baring-Gould

Manager, Technology Deployment