Vehicle Technologies Progress Update

Fiscal Year 2022 | Quarter 2

April 2022

Learn about NREL's progress toward researching and developing vehicle technologies with support from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

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R&D Highlights

Read about featured projects, which represent only a small sample of NREL's R&D accomplishments.

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Battery Technologies

Rapid Electrochemical Relithiation Protocols Restore End-of-Life Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes

NREL researchers are evaluating new ways to minimize the time and cost impacts of relithiation for aged, battery cathode materials—a major step on the pathway toward lithium-ion battery recycling, less environmental pollution from battery waste, and potentially lower electric vehicle costs.

Novel Experiments and Microstructure Modeling Tools Support Measurement of Ion Transport in Silicon Electrodes

To accelerate the design and fabrication of new silicon electrodes, which offer energy density and rate capacity improvements for lithium-ion batteries, NREL researchers conducted experiments and modeling to better understand the effects of significant silicon swelling on ionic transport.

For more details on these and other highlights, download the full report.

Grid and Infrastructure

New Grid-Transportation Co-Simulation Capability Enables Large-Scale, High-Power Charging Analysis

Thanks to the Grid-Enhanced, Mobility-Integrated Network Infrastructures for Extreme Fast Charging (GEMINI-XFC) project, simulations of individual charger-distribution grid interactions across a large metropolitan area with thousands of feeders, using realistic siting, charging infrastructure use, and parking constraints are now possible.

For more details on these and other highlights, download the full report.

Technology Integration

Electric School Bus Technical Resources Assist Fleets in "Flipping the Switch"

For the Alternative Fuels Data Center and Clean Cities Coalition Network, NREL is developing an online, eight-part video series, called "Flipping the Switch on Electric School Buses," to help K–12 schools evaluate the potential of adopting electric school buses into their fleets.

Clearinghouse Provides States with Resources for Successful Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Planning and Implementation

NREL partnered with the National Association of State Energy Officials, Atlas Public Policy, and ICF to facilitate electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure information sharing through the EV States Clearinghouse, a free resource for state agencies to tap into as they plan for and implement EV infrastructure programs under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

NREL Partners To Develop Energy and Environmental Justice Education and Training for Clean Cities Coalitions

NREL has joined Argonne National Laboratory, The Ohio State University's Kirwan Institute, and the Greenlining Institute to educate Clean Cities coalitions on how to incorporate equity into transportation projects for the benefit of historically underserved and overburdened communities.

For more details on these and other highlights, download the full report.

Energy-Efficient Mobility Systems

New Scenarios Simulate Energy, Other Impacts of Micro-Freight Mode Shifts in Cities

For a Systems and Modeling for Accelerated Research in Transportation (SMART) 2.0 project, NREL researchers contributed micro-freight scenarios with available data from New York City and Seattle, allowing for scenario development relevant to other U.S. cities.

OpenPATH Tool Dashboard Updates Allow Individual Carbon Footprint Estimations

NREL researchers created a new function for the Open Platform for Agile Trip Heuristics (OpenPATH) tool, allowing users to estimate their individual carbon footprint and possibly motivating them to be more energy-efficient with regard to transportation.

For more details on these and other highlights, download the full report.

Publications and Media Outreach

Discover how NREL is spreading the word about its DOE-supported R&D activities through publishing and outreach. For a list of all publications, download the full report.

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Our Team

Meet our multidisciplinary team of researchers and leaders across NREL, transforming vehicle technologies for the future.

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Robert McCormick
Advanced Biofuels and Combustion

Jason Lustbader
Commercial Vehicle Technologies

Monte Lunacek
Data Sciences

Andrew Meintz
Electric Vehicle Grid Integration

Kandler Smith
Energy Storage
Systems Data Science and Modeling

Rob Tenent
Energy Storage
Advanced Cathode Material Development

Andrew Colclasure
Energy Storage
Materials Development and Modeling

Ted Sears
Legislative/Regulatory Support

Stan Young
Mobility Systems

Kevin Bennion
Power Electronics and Electric Machines

Jon Burton
ReFUEL Laboratory

Wendy Dafoe
Technology Integration/Clean Cities

Eric Wood
Vehicle Modeling and Analysis

Johney B. Green
Associate Lab Director
Mechanical and Thermal Engineering Sciences

John Farrell
Laboratory Program Manager
Vehicle Technologies Office

Integrated Mobility Sciences Center

Chris Gearhart
Integrated Mobility Sciences

Gina Fioroni
Group Manager (Acting)
Fuels and Combustion Science

Jeff Gonder
Group Manager
Mobility, Behavior, and Advanced Powertrains

Ken Kelly
Chief Engineer
Commercial Vehicle Electrification

Matt Keyser
Group Manager
Electrochemical Energy Storage

Johanna Levene
Group Manager
Transportation Applications and Data Analysis

Margaret Mann
Group Manager
Mobility Infrastructure and Impacts Analysis

Margo Melendez
Group Manager
Sustainable Technology Integration

Sreekant Narumanchi
Group Manager
Advanced Power Electronics and Electric Machines

Ahmad Pesaran
Chief Engineer
Energy Storage

Jason Lustbader
Group Manager (Acting)
Advanced Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure

Chemistry and Nanoscience Center

Jao Van de Lagemaat
Chemistry and Nanoscience

Nate Neale
Group Manager
Interfacial Materials Chemistry

Computational Science Center

Ray Grout
Computational Science

Marc Day
Group Manager
High-Performance Algorithms and Complex Fluids

Wesley Jones
Group Manager
Scientific Computing

Kristi Potter
Group Manager
Data, Analysis and Visualization

Materials, Chemical, and Computational Science Directorate

Tony Burrell
Chief Technologist
Energy Storage

Power Systems Engineering Center

Ben Kroposki
Power Systems Engineering

Adam Bratis
Associate Lab Director
Bioenergy Science and Technology

Juan Torres
Associate Lab Director
Energy Systems Integration

Bill Tumas
Associate Lab Director
Materials, Chemical, and Computational Sciences

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