Systems Analysis and Integration

NREL evaluates the impact of emerging technologies on efficiency, performance, cost, and battery life for a full range of vehicles—conventional vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, all-electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, and other alternative fuel vehicles.

Research and Development

Using a suite of simulation and analysis tools, NREL conducts technical analyses of promising vehicle technologies to find cost-competitive solutions that maximize energy savings and reduce emissions.

Researchers leverage detailed travel data from the Transportation Secure Data Center and other sources to evaluate fuel savings opportunities by:

  • Predicting the most efficient route for a vehicle to follow
  • Identifying electric-drive vehicle control strategies to improve efficiency
  • Exploring wireless power transfer for on-road electric vehicles, as depicted in the e-roadway animation.
Photo of researchers looking at data visualization displayed on a wall.


NREL researchers publish journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports about systems analysis and integration research.

Accelerating Technology Innovation

NREL's systems analysis and integration work supports a wide range of transportation and hydrogen and fuel cell research. Learn about NREL's hydrogen systems analysis project.