Bull E-Bike Pilot Study

Thank you for participating in the Bull E-Bike Pilot Study.

Purpose of Study

The City of Durham wants to learn more about the challenges commuters face, especially those that work downtown, beyond the typical 9-to-5 schedule. Participants in the pilot will be asked to share information about their travel behavior—including the purpose of trips, modes used, modes they would have used otherwise, routes taken, and times—through an app.

Data Collection

Used for data collection and analysis, NREL OpenPATH is an open-source platform that collects a complete snapshot of your travel and uses it to estimate your individual transportation carbon footprint, with comparisons to U.S. 2030 and 2050 carbon-reduction goals. It also generates aggregate metrics, updated daily, on mode share and distance traveled.

The data collected will be used to understand how subsidized access to e-bikes might change travel behavior— especially how e-bikes could improve the transportation experience and impact the use of cars (especially downtown) and how exposure to e-bikes might have lasting impacts on mode choice.

Install the NREL OpenPATH App on Your Phone

  1. Download the NREL OpenPATH app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Scan the QR code or visit the link below to join this program.
  3. Remember to give all the requested permissions, including ("always") background location access. If you have a Samsung or Huawei phone, turn off background restrictions.
  4. Track your trips, label them when prompted, and check out your carbon footprint.

For additional information, see the participant guidelines.

Join the Study

After you have installed the NREL OpenPATH app on your phone, join the study by scanning the QR code or visiting the link using your phone.

QR code


The City of Durham will provide you with a token to log in to the app. Please save this token in a safe place in case you reset your phone or change phones. If you lose your token, contact your program administrator at the City of Durham for assistance.

Data Privacy and Security

The system will not collect any of the traditional personally identifiable information (i.e., no name, email, or phone number).

The collected data will be stored in a FEDRAMP-certified medium cluster at NREL and encrypted both in transit and at rest. The data from this study will be stored separately from other study data using the NREL-hosted version of the OpenPATH platform.

The raw data from this study will only be made available to:

  • Program administrators from the City of Durham to monitor the program and potentially send recommendations for alternate travel modes
  • NREL OpenPATH developers for debugging.

On completion of the study, the data will be archived in NREL's Transportation Secure Data Center to support travel behavior research.

Examples of research that might use the data include:

  • Travel behavior modeling to support cost-benefit analyses of potential commute programs
  • Determining the impact of e-bike commuting on transportation energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions.


K. Shankari

Postdoctoral Researcher, Director's Fellow