Odyne Plug-In Hybrid Electric Utility Truck Evaluation

Photo of utility lift truck.

NREL is collecting and analyzing performance data on plug-in hybrid electric utility trucks operated by a variety of companies.
Photo courtesy of Odyne, NREL

NREL is evaluating the in-service performance of about 120 plug-in hybrid electric utility trucks operated by various utility fleets across the nation.

U.S. companies participating in this evaluation project received American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding to cover part of the purchase cost of the vehicles. These ARRA-funded vehicle deployment efforts are designed to help commercialize electric vehicles and the associated electric charging infrastructure.

The utility trucks under study feature hybrid electric propulsion systems developed by Odyne Systems for use in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles in the utility and maintenance sectors. The systems feature a launch-assist capability that allows the electric motor to work in parallel with the engine to provide up to 50 hp for improved acceleration. Regenerative braking captures up to 40–kW power that normally is absorbed by the brakes and lost as heat. These vehicles can also export up to 120 kW of power at the job site without the need to idle the engine to drive the hydraulic work equipment, the vehicle's HVAC system, and electric accessories.

For more information about the Odyne plug-in hybrid electric utility truck evaluation, refer to the Cumulative Report: December 2014–June 2015.