Frito-Lay Electric Delivery Truck Evaluation

Photo of medium-duty truck with "100% powered by electricity" printed on its side.

NREL is evaluating the performance of medium-duty electric vehicles operated by Frito-Lay.
Photo courtesy of Smith Electric Vehicles

NREL is evaluating the in-service performance of 10 medium-duty electric vehicles and 10 comparable conventional diesel vehicles operated by Frito-Lay North America in the Seattle, Washington, area.

The on-road portion of this 12-month evaluation, launched in 2013, focuses on collecting and analyzing vehicle performance data such as fuel economy and maintenance costs.

NREL is also analyzing charging data to support total cost of ownership estimations and investigations into smart charging opportunities. Smart charging takes into consideration a variety of factors off-peak timing, driving range requirements, and other facility or utility needs to minimize the direct and indirect costs of vehicle charging.


The following documents provide more information about the study.