Energy Storage Awards

R&D 100 2016 - 54 Years of Invention

NREL's energy storage innovation has been recognized with numerous awards.

R&D 100 Awards

R&D 100 Awards are known in the research and development community as "the Oscars of Innovation." The work of NREL's energy storage team has been recognized with three of these top honors.

Battery Internal Short-Circuit Device (2016)

NREL Team: Matthew Keyser, Eric Darcy (NASA), Ahmad Pesaran, and Dirk Long
Industry Partner: NASA
NREL's patented Battery Internal Short-Circuit (ISC) Device is the only diagnostic tool that makes it possible for battery designers, developers, and manufacturers to identify how design and material choices affect reactions to internal short circuits and pinpoint related safety issues before batteries are in use.

Isothermal Battery Calorimeters (2013)

NREL Team: Matthew Keyser, Ahmad Pesaran, John Ireland, Dirk Long, and Mark Mihalic
Industry Partner: NETZSCH Instrument North America, LLC
NREL's Isothermal Battery Calorimeters are the only calorimeters in the world capable of providing the precise thermal measurements needed for safer, longer-lasting, and more cost-effective electric-drive vehicle batteries.

Current-Interrupt Charging Algorithm for Lead-Acid Batteries (2001)

NREL Team: Matthew Keyser, Ahmad Pesaran, and Mark Mihalic
Industry Partners: Recombination Technologies, Optima Batteries
NREL's current-interrupt charging algorithm is a simple approach to recharging that extends the cycle life of lead-acid batteries by 300% to 400%, while driving down production costs.

BENCHMARC Catalytic Converter (1996)

NREL Team: Thomas Potter, David Benson, Steven Burch, and Matthew Keyser
Industry Partner: Benteler Industries Inc.
NREL's catalytic converter makes it possible to maintain an efficient operating temperature for up to 24 hours after the engine is shut off, which has the potential to cut hydrocarbon emissions by 84% and carbon monoxide emissions by 93%.

Other Awards

CO-LABS logo


Governor's Award for High-Impact Research/CO-LABS (Colorado)
Project: Large-Volume Battery Calorimeter


Vincent Bendix Automotive Electronics Engineering Award/ Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
Project: Modular Battery Management System for HEVs


TR100 Award/MIT's Technology Review Magazine
Recipient: Matthew Keyser