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Solar Technical Assistance Team Success Stories Video — Text Version

Below is the text version for the Solar Technical Assistance Team Success Stories video.

My name is Christopher Worley, Director of Policy and Research for the Colorado Energy Office. Like many states, conflicts have arisen between some utilities and rooftop solar developers. Solar developers want access to the grid and utilities want to ensure that customers are equitably paying for upkeep of the grid.

And when that issue arose here in Colorado, our first thought was to talk to those experts in Colorado, NREL. So we reached out to the STAT team to get more info, to get more insight, on the issue.

NREL provided technical expertise that our office didn't have, and they did so in a timely manner.

The questions around the benefits and costs of distributed solar are quite complicated and so it can be very difficult for a non-technical audience to understand the detail and the nuance. So NREL's STAT team was helpful to explain the issues to us so that we can understand it, but we can also explain it to stakeholders and the public.

Support from NREL's STAT team really helped the state in its decision-making process and ultimately we're happy with not only the support that we received from NREL, but the outcome of the process.

I would advise other states and communities and cities to clearly think about what question you're trying to answer. What is the problem you're trying to solve? And explain that to NREL's STAT team. Tell them not only what the problem is, but why you're interested.

My name is Christopher Dorle, and I work for Detroit Future City.

Detroit Future City is an organization within the city of Detroit that focuses on long-term planning in support of the overall improving quality of life in the city of Detroit. Detroit Future City contacted the NREL STAT team for technical assistance in order to establish criteria for evaluating solar projects on city land in the city of Detroit.

We provided a draft set of criteria and NREL reviewed that criteria, improved that criteria, and provided us with additional feedback and suggestions to inform the city of Detroit's process. So since we're kind of breaking new ground, NREL helped us do this in a smart way that was also an effective and practical way.

I absolutely recommend the NREL STAT team. It's been wonderful to be able to have knowledgeable resources that we could draw upon.

We couldn't have done this without them.