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Powering Cities of the Future

As NREL celebrates 40 years of advancing energy innovation this year, leaders from cities across the country gathered at the lab and talked about how cities could transform over the next 40 years as they transition to clean energy.

Take a look at the collective vision of these visionary city leaders—and join the conversation on social media.

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View photos from event.


Join the Conversation

Visualize a future city 40 years from now. What do you see? How will we generate and use energy? What technologies will be critical? How will they be integrated? What role will people play?

Tell us your vision for the city of the future, using the hashtag #futurecity2057.

NREL Is Working With Cities on Clean Energy Transitions

To help accelerate the U.S. clean energy transition, NREL delivers relevant technologies and information to support cities in energy innovation and sector modernization.

Our experts offer "science toward solutions" to support cities pursuing clean energy transitions: context-specific data, analytics, and expertise to equip decision makers in setting—and achieving—energy goals.

Work With Us

Learn more about how local governments can work with NREL to meet their clean energy goals.