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Upcoming Opportunities for NREL Solar Assistance

September 30, 2014 by Kim Peterson

Through our In-depth Technical Assistance program, NREL is seeking several jurisdictions that want a holistic policy and technical approach to developing state and local solar PV distributed generation markets.

Starting tomorrow, we will open the application process to states or localities that are interested in working with us on a multi-faceted approach to identifying and providing solutions for remaining market barriers. We will provide a team of experts to work in tandem with you on a medium-term (6 months) effort to assess current policies and provide the research, technical, and policy assistance needed to move your market forward in an impactful and relevant way. We can schedule in-person working sessions, presentations, and expert testimony, as well as connect you with peers who may be working on similar market barriers.

We are most interested in working with jurisdictions that are ready to work toward near-term outcomes and have the legislative, regulatory, or change-agent muscle to move markets. Our collective work will be peer reviewed and disseminated for maximum market effectiveness. The call for applications will be released on October 1, so bookmark the STAT In-Depth Technical Assistance Application and submit your requests by the October 29 deadline.

Not interested or ready for an in-depth multi-faceted approach but still need help on one or two issues? We still have you covered. If you are looking for education or training, visit our recorded webinars on the State and Local Government Education and Outreach webpage. If you have a question for an NREL subject matter expert, please submit a request form for a speedy response through the STAT Quick Response program.

The NREL STAT team looks forward to helping you this coming year. In the meantime, please feel free to send us an email with any thoughts or questions.