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Models and Tools

Use models and tools developed or supported by NREL to assess, analyze, and optimize renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies for your project. Learn about NREL's tool development capabilities.

Buildings and Campuses


Evaluate residential building designs and identify the most cost-effective whole-house efficiency packages to achieve zero net energy

Climate Action Planning Tool

Get a quick, basic estimate of how various technology options can contribute to an overall climate action plan for a research campus


Detailed analysis of today's state-of-the-art building design technologies using the most sophisticated building energy use simulation techniques


Find open source software tools to support whole building energy modeling and advanced daylight analysis


Test the accuracy of energy audit software and calibration procedures for existing homes


Supercomputer calculates various building design and technology option data sets to determine how a building will respond to energy consumption

Standard Work Specifications Tool

Know the industry standards for ensuring that work performed during energy upgrades in single-family homes is effective, durable, and safe.

Fuels and Vehicles

Alternative Fueling Station Locator

Find alternative fueling stations near an address or ZIP code or along a route in the United States

Alternative Fuels Data Center

Get information, data, and tools to find ways to reduce petroleum consumption through the use of alternative and renewable fuels, advanced vehicles, and other fuel-saving measures

NREL Optimal Vehicle Acquisition (NOVA)

Mathematical model creates an optimal vehicle acquisition strategy for a given goal, such as petroleum or greenhouse gas reduction


Explore a map containing alternative fueling stations, concentrations of alternative fueled vehicles, and other related data

Renewable Energy Data

BioFuels Atlas

Interactive map of locations where biomass feedstocks can be used for biofuels production

BioPower Atlas

Data map showing where biomass feedstocks can be used for power production

Energy Profiler

Summarize overall energy consumption and establish and visualize a preliminary baseline for energy reduction calculations

NREL Developer Network

Helps developers access and use energy data via Web services, including renewable energy and alternative fuel data


Open data platform that provides energy information and links data together

RE Atlas

Layered maps of basic renewable energy resource data

Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS)

Optimize and visualize the build-out of U.S. electricity generation and transmission systems

Renewable Resource Data Center

Access an extensive collection of renewable energy resource data, maps, and tools

Renewable Energy Technologies

Geothermal Prospector

Examine, distribute, and analyze geothermal resources and identify sites for geothermal development.

Job and Economic Development Impact (JEDI) Models

Analyze the economic impacts of constructing and operating power generation and biofuel plants at the local and state level

Solar Power Prospector

Shows sites for developing utility-scale solar power

Wind Prospector

Visualize data and analyze the potential for wind energy.

Wind Resource Maps

Maps and validation to help states and regions build capacity to support and accelerate wind energy deployment

Open PV Project

A collaborative effort among government, industry, and the public to compile a comprehensive database of PV installation data for the United States, providing PV system price and installed capacity data at the state level.


Create hour-by-hour performance simulations that provide estimated monthly and annual energy production in kilowatts and energy value.


Early screening tool that identifies and prioritizes renewable energy projects using site, resource, cost, incentive, and financial data

Community Solar Scenario Tool

User-guided tool exploring a range of financial scenarios to evaluate if a solar garden makes sense in your community.

Project Development and Financing

Cost of Renewable Energy Spreadsheet Tool (CREST)

Economic cash flow model for assessing projects, designing cost-based incentives, and evaluating the impact of tax incentives or other support structures

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE)

Information on state, local, federal, and utility incentives and policies for renewable energy and energy efficiency

BEPTC™ and SROPTTC™ Project Development Model

Evaluate the risks and investment decisions required for successful renewable energy project development

State and Local Energy Data (SLED) Tool

Data on current electricity prices, policies and incentives, renewable energy resources, fuel costs, and more for a particular city and state or zip code

System Advisor Model (SAM)

Performance and financial model designed to help estimate costs for grid-connected power projects

Integrated Deployment Model

Approach used to accelerate clean energy market adoption by identifying and implementing a variety of efficiency and renewable energy technologies

Find additional models and tools developed by NREL.