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Tool Development

Use NREL's models and tools to prioritize opportunities and analyze the energy savings and economics of energy efficiency, advanced transportation, and renewable energy projects.

NREL develops geographic tools, interactive calculators, market and metrics databases, and mobile applications to help inform sustainable energy projects and prepare the market for emerging technologies.

Geographic Tools

Drawing from rich datasets, NREL builds tools that deliver interactive mapping applications. These tools enable projects to analyze data faster and prioritize opportunities related to energy consumption and conservation specific to their location. See NREL's interactive mapping tools for more information and examples.

Interactive Calculators

NREL creates interactive calculators to analyze what-if scenarios and plan ways to reduce energy use. From calculating vehicle costs to petroleum consumption and emissions, NREL's tools couple robust energy data with friendly interfaces to help projects reach energy goals. The Vehicle Cost Calculator and the Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool are two examples of NREL's interactive calculators.

Market and Metrics Databases

NREL's expertise in data management and data interaction equips industry analysts and decision makers with information to explore renewable energy options and craft solutions for complex scenarios. The Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness Scorecard is just one example.

Mobile Applications

NREL builds mobile applications, websites, and tools to deliver information to people on the go. Providing this information in the right format at the right time facilitates successful deployment of technologies. See the Solar Decathlon Mobile or the Alternative Fuels Data Center websites for examples of mobile-optimized websites.

Shared Data

By sharing renewable energy data and modeling capabilities with energy analysts and Web developers in standard formats, NREL helps transform the market by enabling innovative application development and analysis. Visit NREL's Developer Network for more information and examples of shared data.


NREL develops widgets that can be embedded and shared on websites, blogs, and social networking sites to provide current information about energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to a broad audience. See Alternative Transportation Widgets for examples.

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