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Mobile App Puts Alternative Fueling Station Locations in the Palm of Your Hand

Photo of a map with red location pins pulled up on a black iPhone screen.

Drivers of alternative fuel vehicles can now find fueling stations offering alternative fuels, including electricity, natural gas, biodiesel, e85 Ethanol, propane, and hydrogen using the Alternative Fueling Station Locator iPhone app.

The free application was developed NREL for the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities program. Clean Cities supports local stakeholders across the country in an effort to cut petroleum use in transportation.

The Alternative Fueling Station Locator App, available online, allows iPhone users to select an alternative fuel and find the 20 closest stations within a 30-mile radius. Users can view the locations on a map or as a list containing station addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation.

The app draws information from the Clean Cities' Alternative Fuels Data Center website (AFDC) and is the most used tool on the site. It was recently improved to include new options that may change the way users search for and update station information. Users can now filter search results by several fuel-specific fields, such as connector type for electric vehicle charging and fill pressure for natural gas fueling.

The site is also a comprehensive clearinghouse of information about advanced transportation technologies and offers unbiased information, data and tools related to the deployment of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles.

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