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Alaska Native Village Benefits from NREL Technical Assistance with Strategic Energy Planning

A log cabin with a person standing on the front porch step in the remote Native village of Rampart, Alaska.

Anticipating growth and associated energy impacts, the Native village of Rampart, Alaska, is taking a strategic approach to planning and requested technical assistance from the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Indian Energy's Tribal Energy Program.

To support DOE in fulfilling this request, NREL tribal technical assistance team members Sherry Stout and Jared Temanson traveled to the remote community on the Yukon River to facilitate a strategic energy planning session. Stout and Temanson worked closely with the village energy coordinator and Chief to articulate the community's energy vision, identify the energy impacts of its expansion plans, and develop a prioritized list of goals along with tactics for achieving them.

The session helped community members "understand the energy impact of their goals and craft a plan for achieving those goals in a sustainable and cost-effective way," said Temanson. "Now Rampart can be confident that it is on a good path toward efficient, sustainable development."

The collaborative effort has helped the community 1) cut administrative energy costs through energy-efficient retrofits to community facilities and infrastructure, 2) reduce residents' energy costs by reinstating Rampart's participation in the State of Alaska's Power Cost Equalization Program, 3) free up funds for community services and development projects through cost-saving upgrades to the energy distribution infrastructure, and 4) enhance energy security and sustainability by pursuing renewable options, including biomass and solar, for meeting increased energy demands.

NREL works with tribal communities across the continental United States and Alaska to help them build capacity to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy technology projects, providing unbiased technical expertise.

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