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People and Policy

Collage of three photos. The top circular photo shows a large, brick building in the back with a snowy fence in the foreground. The middle square photo shows a man sitting at a laptop computer with a woman standing in the background pointing at the computer over his shoulder. The bottom circular photo shows a woman in a clean suit and hairnet working with laboratory equipment under a fume hood. Purple square-shaped icon graphic with a white symbol of a finger on a hand flipping a light switch representing people and policy.

Strategies that impact human behavior and energy policies can save as much money, energy, and carbon emissions on research campuses as technical solutions. Despite this potential, most energy programs emphasize technology over behavior change. To understand options for climate action plans, evaluate the following:

Energy conservation policies encourage building occupants to turn off lights and computers, close fume hoods, limit appliance use in offices, and purchase high-efficiency equipment. To be successful, policy changes require commitment and buy-in from throughout an organization to be successful.