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Energy Sources

Collage of three photos. The top square photo shows a semi truck being lifted on a dumping platform to empty biomass resources. Wood scrap stands in the foreground with a clear blue sky backdrop. The middle square photo shows four staggered wind turbines at sunset. The bottom circular photo shows a line of photovoltaic arrays.  Yellow square-shaped icon graphic with a white sun symbol in the center representing energy sources.

Many opportunities exist to improve the efficiency of energy supply systems and to incorporate renewable energy, especially at large research campuses with many facilities. Taking a campus-wide approach is important because system-wide opportunities exist on a comprehensive level that would normally be missed if you were to analyze energy in the buildings or transportation sectors separately

To understand options for climate action plans, start by addressing energy efficiency at the central plant and then evaluate potential renewable energy sources and systems.

Central Plant

Begin by evaluating energy efficiency at the central plant through:

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can further improve climate neutrality. Common systems include: