Puerto Rico Webinar Series: Energy Efficiency, Resilience, and Grid Modeling for Puerto Rico

This webinar from Dec. 13, 2019, featured results of an energy efficiency analysis for Puerto Rico and highlighted lab tools and analysis to support increased power system resilience and modeling.

It was one in a series of four extended webinars for Puerto Rico energy system planners offered in the fall of 2019 as part of NREL’s contribution to Multi-Lab Energy Planning Support for Puerto Rico.

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Webinar Sessions

This 3.5-hour webinar featured the following sessions.

EGRASS for Distribution Options and EGRASS with HEADOUT Viewer, Patrick Royer and Wei Du, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) demonstrated two Electrical Grid Resilience and Assessment System (EGRASS) applications, EGRASS for identifying resilience distribution options such as distribution automation, and EGRASS with HEADOUT (Argonne National Laboratory) viewer to visualize hurricane effects on electric infrastructure.

Also, see PNNL’s EGRASS application.

Solar Siting for Resilience, Sherry Stout, NREL

This session highlighted lessons learned from the performance of solar photovoltaic arrays during extreme events, with a focus on considerations for siting solar to best withstand future storm and flooding events.

Power System Modeling and Analysis for Puerto Rico, Himanshu Jain and Xin Fang, NREL

This was a presentation of power system modeling tools FESTIV and MAFRIT and scenario analysis results for an advanced operational paradigm in Puerto Rico. Optimization-based scheduling and reliability-centric dynamic analysis were incorporated into Puerto Rico real-time operations to model enhanced reliability and efficiency of grid operation.

Also, see NREL’s Grid Modeling Tools.

Improvements to System Advisor Model for Puerto Rico, Janine Freeman, NREL

This session highlighted several new features available in the upcoming release of the System Advisor Model (SAM) to enable more accurate analysis in Puerto Rico, including a Puerto Rico-specific project template to help users get started quickly on modeling projects in the region.

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