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The Origins of NREL’s Solar STAT Blog (Hint: It’s a Dead Language)

May 16, 2014 by Alexis Powers

Salve solaris industria! If you can roughly translate this phrase as, "Hello solar industry," then you pass our basic Latin skills test and can move to the next paragraph.

Many of you may be interested to learn that NREL's Solar Technical Assistance Team (STAT) derives its blog name, not just from our acronym, but also from the Latin statim, which means "immediately."

A thriving solar market at the state and local level doesn't happen overnight. Still, we know that with the right policies and a sufficient amount of time, solar adoption can be as abundant as Homer's catalogue of Greek ships. We even developed a graph for that.



NREL analysts plotted the installed solar capacity for all 48 contiguous states against policy age to visualize the impact that policies, including net metering (NM), interconnection (IC), third-party ownership (TPO), and solar renewable portfolio standards (RPS), have on U.S. solar markets. Image from Darlene Steward and Elizabeth Doris, NREL

The Solar STAT blog aims to provide information to state and local governments on current solar policy and program activities. We will use this forum to discuss which topics are influencing industry growth, what peer stakeholders are asking about, and where programs are being developed. We are also planning some other behind-the-scenes looks at what the STAT program does on a day-to-day basis, including features about our team members and partners.

If you, like Horace, subscribe to the belief that combining utile dulci—the useful and pleasant—is an ideal way to get current information on the solar industry, then we hope you will become a regular subscriber to the Solar STAT blog.