Hot Topics: Value of Solar

March 20, 2015 by Alexis Powers, Erin Nobler, John De La Rosa, Sherry Stout

This three-part STAT Chat podcast series features Joyce McLaren, a senior energy analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, discussing value of solar (VOS) policy, including what it is, how it is developed, and which methodologies are being used in the marketplace.

  • VOS Part 1—Policy Overview and Definition of Value of Solar

  • VOS Part 2—Components of Value of Solar

  • VOS Part 3—Rate Designs for Value of Solar

Find out how value of solar tariffs differ from net energy metering policies, what components are involved in calculating the value of solar, what differences exist in methodologies that in are currently in place.

The information presented in this podcast is based on research published in the following report:

Taylor, M.; McLaren, J.; Cory, K.: Davidovich, T.; Sterling, J.; Makhyoun, M. (2015). Value of Solar: Program Design and Implementation Considerations. NREL/TP-6A20-62361.


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