Hot Topics: Solar Interconnection Policy

Oct. 7, 2014 by Alexis Powers, Erin Nobler, John De La Rosa, Sherry Stout

This STAT Chat podcast features Kristen Ardani, a solar technology markets and policy analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, discussing the PV interconnection process as part of our Hot Topics series.

Find out what is involved in connecting a solar photovoltaic system to the electric grid, which states have interconnection policies, and what innovative steps are being taken by utilities to reduce the timeline and cost associated with energizing a PV system.

For more information about the study referenced in this podcast, visit the report page for Understanding Processes and Timelines for Distributed Photovoltaic Interconnection in the United States

A text version of the podcast is available for download.

Photo of two female professionals seated at a table with a microphone between them.

Erin Nobler (left), the host of NREL's STAT Chat podcast series, interviews Kristen Ardani (right) about solar interconnection policies. Image by John De La Rosa/NREL