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NREL Conduit Blog

The NREL Conduit Blog discusses research relevant to state, local, and tribal governments. Contributing authors provide posts related to events, policy analysis, and decision support outcomes to inform the market in a credible and timely fashion.

STAT Team Delivers In-Depth Technical Assistance to State, Local Governments

April 29, 2015 by Kim Peterson

Over the past few months, NREL’s STAT team has been digging in to help several state and local jurisdictions take on multifaceted solar market barriers.  Direct technical assistance recipients include the New York State Department of Public Service and Charlottesville, Virginia, as well as participants in working groups on rate design and community solar. Continue reading

Solar Technical Assistance Team Profile: Alex Aznar

April 16, 2015 by Alexandra Aznar

Alex Aznar answers seven questions about her work. Continue reading

Word of the Day: PURPA

April 10, 2015 by Alexandra Aznar

Many federal, state, and local policies have supported and continue to support the deployment of renewable energy onto the grid. One foundational federal policy was the Public Utilities Regulatory Policy Act of 1978, which is known as PURPA. Continue reading

Meet a Solar Financing Expert: Travis Lowder

April 02, 2015 by Alexis Powers, Erin Nobler, John De La Rosa, Sherry Stout

This STAT Chat podcast features Travis Lowder, an energy analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, discussing solar financing as part of our Meet a Solar Expert series. Continue reading