Advanced Energy Systems Design

Advanced energy system design is a growing area at NREL that marries advanced, immersive visualization capabilities with the lab’s hallmark energy technology and deployment expertise to enable rapid exploration of energy system transformation options.

Immersive, Collaborative, Data-Driven Decision-Making

Visualization lab

Through advanced energy system design, we bring technical and nontechnical stakeholders together in an immersive analysis space that is highly visual, and sometimes three-dimensional, to look at multiple aspects of challenges differently. For example, how much does one city's planning scenario versus another change the investment need? At the same time, how does the economic impact on the local community change? What kind of workers will it need?

Visualizing the Future

NREL is a widely sought technical resource for states and local communities nationally and globally as they develop plans to use indigenous resources in efficient, resilient, and secure infrastructure. Our advanced visualization capabilities allow real-time exploration of energy efficiency and renewable options during the critical early planning phase—saving time, money, and resources in the long term.

By approaching complex, multistakeholder, multivariate challenges in a new way, we meet our common mission of American energy leadership.

Bring us your complex energy challenges; we’ll help you see things differently.

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