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An arrow graphic shows that Oklahoma’s voluntary renewable energy goal is set at 15% in 2015.

Carve-out: None
Tracking system: None

In 2010, Oklahoma adopted a 15% voluntary renewable energy generation goal by 2015. This goal has not been expanded or extended, which has resulted in a limited number of incentives to encourage solar growth in the state. Oklahoma's net metering program is available to all customers with no limit on the aggregate capacity. The state also offers tax incentives on zero-emission facilities, which indirectly helps solar generation. No solar incentives from utilities have been identified.

Net Metering

As of November 1, 2014, utilities and regulated electric cooperatives can apply to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) for approval to charge a fixed fee to customer-generators who install net-metered distributed generation. Utilities and cooperatives are not required to purchase monthly net excess generation from customers. A customer-generator's net excess generation must be provided to the electric cooperative or utility at no charge.

System size limit: 100 kW or less; 25,000 kWh/year or less

Aggregate cap: Not specified

Credit: Not required to purchase monthly net excess generation from customers

RECs: Not addressed

Meter aggregation: Not addressed


OCC has not adopted standardized interconnection procedures. Potential customer-generators should contact local cooperative/utility to learn more about specific terms and conditions as well as the application process.

System size limit: 100 kW under terms and conditions for small power producer or cogenerator

Liability insurance: Not addressed

External disconnect switch: Required

Third Party Ownership

Third party solar power purchase agreements are not allowed in Oklahoma.

Community Solar

There are currently no statewide community solar policies in Oklahoma.

State Incentive Programs

Program Administrator Incentive
Zero-Emission Facilities Production Tax Credit Oklahoma Tax Commission The program offers $0.0025/kWh–$0.0075/kWh for 10 years; amount varies depending on when the system is placed

Utility Incentive Programs

Please check with local utilities for midscale solar incentives.


The list below provides some resources for each type of policy or program. Please reference and contact relevant authorities and local utilities for the most up-to-date and accurate information on state and utility policies and incentive programs.

Net metering and interconnection