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An arrow graphic shows that Alaska has no renewable portfolio standard.

Carve-out: None
Tracking system: No formally adopted tracking system

Alaska's net metering program only applies to small systems less than 25 kW in capacity. Midmarket customers may be eligible for low-interest loans from the Alaska Energy Authority. Public benefit projects are eligible for Alaska Energy Authority grants.

Net Metering

Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA)'s net metering regulations mandate all utilities with more than 5 million kWh of retail sales to offer net metering to retail customers. Utilities that generate 100% of their electricity from renewable energy or other low-impact sources are exempt from the net metering requirement.

Utilities are prohibited from charging net-metered customers any additional standby, capacity, interconnection, or other charges unless otherwise approved by the RCA. This safe harbor language does not explicitly extend to systems > 25 kW.

System size limit: 25 kW

Aggregate cap: 1.5% of average retail demand

Credit: Non-firm power rate

RECs: Not addressed

Meter aggregation: Not addressed


The Regulatory Commission issued interconnection guidelines for net-metered customers. The Commission has to approve interconnection charges to customer-generators. Utilities subject to Alaska's net metering regulations must have a simple interconnection application.

System size limit: 25 kW

Liability insurance: Utilities may require customers to have liability insurance if the insurance is deemed easily available at a reasonable price

External disconnect switch: Not required

Third Party Ownership

Third party solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) are not allowed in Alaska.

Community Solar

There are currently no statewide community solar policies or programs in Alaska. Utilities and developers may offer community solar programs.

State Incentive Programs

Program Administrator Incentive
Renewable Energy Grant Alaska Energy Authority Qualified solar projects operated for public benefit are eligible for grants. The AEA makes recommendations to the Alaska state legislature, which makes funding decisions.

Utility Incentive Programs

Check with local utilities for midscale solar incentives.


The list below provides some resources for each type of policy or program. Please reference and contact relevant authorities and local utilities for the most up-to-date and accurate information on state and utility policies and incentive programs.

Net Metering and Interconnection

Programs and Incentives