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Wesley Jones

Group Manager/Senior Scientist

| 303-275-4070

Wes Jones, a senior scientist, is the group manager of the Scientific Computing Group in the Computational Science Center. He has cross-cutting expertise in high performance computing and analysis systems, computational science, applied mathematics and computing, scientific and technical data management, informatics and computational statistics, scientific visualization, and scientific and technical collaboration.


1994-1995, Postdoctoral fellow, massively parallel computing in oceanography, FSU

1994 Ph.D., physics, Dartmouth College

1989 B.A., physics and Russian, Grinnell College 

Featured Work

Graf, P.A.; Jones, W.B.; Kim, K. (2009). "A Note on the Virtual Crystal Approach to Alloy Optimization." Journal of Computational Physics (228:12); pp. 4309-4311.

Jones, W.B.; Suh, C.; Graf, P.A.; Korytina, D. (2009). "Tools for Aggregating, Analyzing and Mining Combinatorial Data." Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc.; Materials Research Society; pp. 1159-G03-08.

Holladay, S.H.; Schmoyer, S.M.; Martin, S.A.; Jones, W.B.; Uberbacher, E.C.; Keller, M. (2009). "Genomics: GTL Awardee Workshop VII." The BioEnergy Science Center Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS);

Korytina, D.; Graf, P.A.; King, R.; Jones, W.B. (2008). "Expressing High-throughput Data in a Restructurable, Integrated Form for Knowledge Extraction." Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Information & Knowledge Engineering (IKE); July 14-July 17, 2008, Las Vegas, Nevada. CSREA Press; pp. 111-115.

Jones, W.B.; Korytina, D.; Graf, P.A. (2007). "Tools for Expressing and Exploring Combinatorial Data." Materials Research Society Meeting;

Graf, P.A.; Jones, W.B. (2007). "A Projection-based Multiscale Optimization Method for Eigenvalue Problems." Journal of Global Optimization (39); pp. 235-245.

Graf, P.A.; Kim, K.; Jones, W.B.; Wang, L.W. (2007). "Surface Passivation Optimization Using DIRECT." Journal of Computational Physics (224:2); pp. 824-835.