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Photo of Suzanne Tegen

Suzanne Tegen

Group Manager III-Policy Analysis | 303-384-6939

Suzanne Tegen manages the Wind and Water Deployment section at NREL. A policy analyst by training, she researches issues such as radar, wildlife, grid integration, and public engagement. In addition, she estimates economic impacts (including jobs) from renewable energy using NREL's Jobs and Economic Development Impacts (JEDI) models and has written on economic impacts from distributed wind, utility-scale wind, offshore wind, community wind, and water power projects. She also researches the wind and water power domestic workforces. Suzanne spent one year as an NREL liaison to DOE's Wind Program in Washington, D.C. She has provided invited testimony for the state of Colorado and Colorado Energy Office, has participated in National Academy of Sciences research, and was a reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Prior to NREL, Suzanne worked for the Center for Resource Solutions and the U.S. Antarctic Program at South Pole and McMurdo Stations.


Ph.D. in Energy Policy, University of Colorado at Boulder; M.S. in Environmental Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison; B.A, University of Wisconsin-Madison