Photo of Yinong Sun

Yinong Sun

Energy Systems Modeler and Analyst


Yinong Sun is a member of the Capacity Expansion & Electricity Markets Group in the Grid Planning and Analysis Center. Her research focuses on transmission planning, renewable energy integration, climate-energy-nexus, resource adequacy assessments and wholesale electricity market design. 

Research Interests

Electricity sector capacity expansion modeling

Economy-wide decarbonization pathways

Resource adequacy assessment and wholesale electricity market design

Transmission planning


M.E.M., Energy Analysis, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

B.S., Physics, Peking University

B.A., Art History, Peking University

Professional Experience

Research Assistant, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (2014–2016)

Research Intern, World Resources Institute (2015)

Research Assistant, Peking University (2012–2014)

Featured Work

Research Priorities and Opportunities in United States Wholesale Electricity Markets, NREL Technical Report (2021)

Electrification Futures Study: Scenarios of Power System Evolution and Infrastructure Development for the United States, NREL Technical Report (2021)

High Electrification Futures: Impacts to the U.S. Bulk Power System, The Electricity Journal (2020)

Electrification Futures Study: Methodological Approaches for Assessing Long-Term Power System Impacts of End-Use Electrification, NREL Technical Report (2020)

2018 Renewable Energy Grid Integration Data Book, NREL (2020)

Decomposing Supply-Side and Demand-Side Impacts of Climate Change on the U.S. Electricity System Through 2050, Climatic Change (2020)

An Introduction to Grid Services: Concepts, Technical Requirements, and Provision from Wind, NREL Technical Report (2019)

The Potential Role of Concentrating Solar Power within the Context of DOE's 2030 Solar Cost Targets, NREL Technical Report (2019)

The Role of Input Assumptions and Model Structures in Projections of Variable Renewable Energy: A Multi-Model Perspective of the U.S. Electricity System, Energy Economics (2018)

Variable Renewable Energy in Long-Term Planning Models: A Multi-Model Perspective, NREL Technical Report (2018)

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