Photo of Violeta Sanchez i Nogue

Violeta Sanchez i Nogue

Senior Researcher - Chemical Engineering

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Research Interests

  • Production of chemicals and fuels from biomass feedstocks involving biotechnological steps

  • Microbial tolerance to biomass feedstocks

  • Metabolic engineering for the production of value-added compounds

Areas of Expertise

  • Fermentation technology

  • Metabolic engineering


  • Ph.D., Engineering, Division of Applied Microbiology, Lund University, Sweden, 2013

  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Catalunya, 2007

Professional Experience

  • Staff Researcher, Biochemical Process Research, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), National Bioenergy Center (NBC), March 2018–present
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Biochemical Process Research, NREL, NBC, July 2015–March 2018

  • Research Scientist, C5 Ligno Technologies AB, Lund, Sweden, 20132014

  • Project Assistant, Division of Applied Microbiology, Lund University, 2008

Featured Publications

  1. "Integrated renewable diesel production from lignocellulosic biomass via oleaginous yeast," Green Chemistry (2018)

  2. "Engineering β-oxidation in Yarrowia lipolytica for methyl ketone production," Metabolic Engineering (2018)

  3. "Directed combinatorial mutagenesis of Escherichia coli for complex phenotype engineering," Metabolic Engineering (2018)

  4. "Renewable Acrylonitrile Production," Science (2017)

  5. "Propionic acid production from corn stover hydrolysate by Propionibacterium acidipropionici," Biotechnology for Biofuels (2017)

  6. "CRISPR EnAbled Trackable genome Engineering for isopropanol production in Escherichia coli," Metabolic Engineering (2017)

  7. "Hybrid SSF/SHF Processing of SO2 Pretreated Wheat Straw—Tuning Co-Fermentation by Yeast Inoculum Size and Hydrolysis Time," Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2017) 

  8. "Adaptation to low pH and lignocellulosic inhibitors resulting in ethanolic fermentation and growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae," AMB Express (2016)

  9. "Chapter 5: C5LT: Biorenewables at C5 Ligno Technologies AB," in Industrial Biorenewables (2016)

  10. "Adaptation of Scheffersomyces stipitis to hardwood spent sulfite liquor by evolutionary engineering," Biotechnology for Biofuels (2015)

  11. "Effect of cell immobilization and pH on Scheffersomyces stipitis growth and fermentation capacity in rich and inhibitory media," Bioresources and Bioprocessing (2015)

  12. "Xylose fermentation as a challenge for commercialization of lignocellulosic fuels and chemicals," Biotechnology Letters (2014)

  13. "Short-term adaptation improves the fermentation performance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae at low pH and in the presence of acetic acid," Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (2013)

  14. "Isolation and characterization of a resident tolerant Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain from a spent sulfite liquor fermentation plant," AMB Express (2012)

  15. "Physiological requirements for growth and competitiveness of Dekkera bruxellensis under oxygen-limited or anaerobic conditions," Yeast (2012)

  16. "Stress-related challenges in pentose fermentation to ethanol by the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae," Biotechnology Journal (2011)

  17. "Improved xylose and arabinose utilization by an industrial recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain using evolutionary engineering," Biotechnology for Biofuels (2010)

Awards and Honors

  • NREL Director’s Award (2017)

  • NREL Director’s Award (2016)