Tom Harris

Tom Harris

Project Manager III-Research


Tom leads NREL support for the Federal Energy Management Program's Energy Services Performance Contracts Program, a federal program for self-funding energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades for the federal buildings portfolio. He also leads development and deployment of Engage™, an NREL-hosted and freely available model for energy system planning that provides scenario analysis data and rich visualizations for broad energy stakeholder participation in energy infrastructure deliberations. Tom is an electrical engineer and lawyer admitted in Colorado with a background as an electric utility distribution system engineer for a large municipal utility.

Research Interests

Project and portfolio financing and financial engineering

Operational research and Integrated resource planning

Cost benefit analysis

Technical and financial modeling

Software design and architecture for data-rich applications

  • human/computer interfaces
  • composability of systems 

Legislative and contractual drafting and construction


JD/MBA, Joint Law and Masters in Business Administration, University of Alabama

BEE, Electrical Engineering, Auburn University

Featured Work

Engage™ Capacity Expansion web application

Techno-Economic Analysis for Grid Edge Intelligence: A Preliminary Study on Smart Voltage Regulator Controls, IEEE Power & Energy Society Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (2019)

Cost Benefit and Alternatives Analysis of Distribution Systems with Energy Storage Systems, IEEE 44th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (2017)

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Awards and Honors

NASA Group Achievement Award (2019)

NREL Outstanding Team Staff Award (2018)

Federal Energy and Water Management Award (2017)