Todd Vinzant

Researcher IV-Biological Science


Research Interests

Todd Vinzant is a senior scientist in the Biosciences Center at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and currently manages the Biomass Surface Characterization Laboratory. The focus of the facility is on the structural characterization of biomass as a function of chemical and enzymatic conversion, which includes the structural characterization of the microorganisms that generate the scarifying enzymes and those responsible for the fermentation of the free sugars. He has 28 years of research experience in biomass conversion and microbial fermentation technologies with expertise in biochemistry, microbiology, microscopy, and laboratory management and design.

Areas of Expertise

  • Structural and chemical characterization of lignocellulosic biomass

  • Characterization of cellulase/xylanase systems

  • Biochemical interactions of glycosylic hydrolases and lignin

  • Integrated lignocellulosic biomass conversion

  • Microbial fermentation

  • General microscopy, especially environmental scanning electron microscopes

  • Laboratory and equipment design and construction


  • M.S., Microbiology, University of Denver, 1990

  • B.S., Biology, Fort Lewis College, 1985

  • B.S., Chemistry, Fort Lewis College, 1985

Professional Experience

  • Manager, Biomass Surface Characterization Laboratory, 2005–present

  • Manager, NREL's Biosciences Center laboratories, 1998present

  • Member, NREL's Biosciences Center, 1987present


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Featured Publications

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