Taylor Allen is a postdoctoral researcher working with Garry Rumbles. Taylor is broadly interested in the photophysics and charge generation mechanisms of a variety of materials for various optoelectronic applications. He has also studied perovskites, inorganic semiconductors, metal-oxides, metal-organic frameworks, and covalent organic frameworks for applications raging from photovoltaics to metalenses. Other research interests include using microwave spectroscopy, in combination with other ultrafast and steady-state spectroscopy techniques to study photoinduced charge transfer and free charge generation in organic optoelectronic films with complex microstructure.

Additionally, he's studying charge transfer in organic photovoltaic systems at the nanoscale using time-resolved, ultrafast, and synchrotron X-ray measurements. This work is done in collaboration with scientists, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students at the Advanced Photon Source (Argonne National Lab), SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, and Stanford University.

Taylor earned his doctorate in physical chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology working under Professor Joseph W. Perry and Professor Seth R. Marder. For this doctoral research, Taylor studied third-order nonlinear optical properties of organic materials for all-optical signal processing applications. He is an expert in ultrafast spectroscopy, film processing and characterization, and the photophysics of organic optoelectronic materials in solution and solid-state.

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Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology

B.S., Chemistry, Western Carolina University

Featured Work

Highly Conjugated, Fused-Ring, Quadrupolar Organic Chromophores with Large Two-Photon Absorption Cross-Sections in the Near-Infrared, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2020) 

Design and Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks with Four-Arm Cores: Prediction of Remarkable Ambipolar Charge-Transport PropertiesMaterials Horizons (2019) 

Linear and Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Chalcogenopyrylium-Terminated Heptamethine Dyes with Rigid, Bulky SubstituentsAdvanced Functional Materials (2018)